Reiki Master Training

Reiki Master

Reiki Master

A subtle shift of awareness is produced and is enhanced by each treatment. Sooner or later comes the sense of taking back power into your own hands together with a renewed ability to cope and respond to life in a clear, balanced way.


The Reiki Master Training Course will be in two parts:

Reiki Practitioner Course:


The Reiki Master Practitioner course will include revues of both Reiki one and Reiki two, and will include a manual and one attunement/initiation. A light lunch will be provided.


Reiki Master Teacher Training Course:


This course will teach you how to set up and run courses, attune/initiate people, and learn how to use the master symbol, plus a full manual. A light lunch will be provided.


There will be two initiations given, over a period of two days, this will attune you to the Reiki Master symbol, which will enable you to teach Reiki and to initiate others into this sacred form of healing.


Meditation and Medicine Drumming will also be a integral part of this workshop.


The courses are over two days at a price of £400. A non-returnable deposit of £100 is required to secure a place.


Would you like to receive your initiations into Reiki here in Glastonbury, but find that our schedule does not fit yours? Please contact us, we are flexible and can arrange a date to suit you. For example, we can initiate people individually on any weekday.


If you require more information please call us:
01458 835 949