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A Reiki Happy New Year For 2011

Angela and Malcolm wish everyone a happy new year for 2011 … Please check out our 2011 Reiki Course Schedule


Uses for the Reiki Absent Healing Symbol

Over the years I’ve been practicing Reiki healing I have found the only limitation when using Reiki
is my lack of imagination and my mind, and not Reiki itself.

Let me explain about 12 years ago I was looking at using the Reiki symbols in different ways, and one symbol in particular was the absent healing symbol.

I was working on a client and I got the pull to use the Reiki absent healing symbol in the treatment.

So I did the following:

1. Asked the client to lay down and relax ( I work on the floor)
2. Sat by the client and opened up to the Reiki healing energy.
3. Visualized the Reiki absent healing symbol followed by the power symbol.
4. I then asked/focused the energy to go to a time before the clients issue started.
5. Completed the healing session(about 1hour)

The client then started to relate what had happened for them in the session, and believe me the story was absolutely amazing. They told me about a incident that had happened to them in early life that had affected them in a very negative way, and how seeing and remembering this had help them understand and heal what was happening now in there life.

So like I said at the beginning of this article, its my belief we are only limited by our imagination.

Anyone else like to share some of their healing experiences, whether you are a practitioner or someone who has received healing does not matter, I for one would like to hear from you all.


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