About Malcolm



Malcolm has been a Reiki practitioner since the beginning 1990, a teacher since 1994. His original birthplace. is a small town in Yorkshire, England. Some years ago he was drawn to Glastonbury and has lived there since January 1991, practicing Reiki, Psychic Tarot, Astrology, Shamanic Healing and Web Design.


He as spent a lot of his time since 1994 with traditional medicine men and women. Being with them and paying attention has help him get more in touch with himself on all levels. He honours his good friend Blue Spruce Standing Deer , a medicine carrier for the Tiwa people of Northern New Mexico for teaching him about the power of the drum and himself.


Malcolm has facilitated workshops about Reiki, Shamanic Drumming and healing in Glastonbury, Europe and the USA.


Over the years Malcolm has given many Psychic, Astrology and Tarot readings helping and advising people internationally with:

  • Relationships.
  • Health.
  • Finance.
  • Career Moves.
  • Spiritual Direction.


He is currently working from his home in Glastonbury UK.


Phone: 01458 835 949
Mobile: 07855 602 329
Email: healers@reikiuk.net