Reiki Healing


Reiki is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Force, the energy around us and within us. Reiki is a way of activating, directing and applying natural energy for the promotion of health, healing, balance and wholeness.


This form of healing is an holistic creative energy and therefore useful for preventing imbalance, assisting the body’s natural healing powers and maintaining the rebalance as a state of well being.


It can be used most effectively as a self help technique as well as for the release of stress and relaxation and to restore the vital energy lost in daily life.Therefore creating good health!


This ancient form of Healing is a vehicle to channel love, the most powerful healer. It opens the heart, crown and palm chakras and the spirit to the causes of disease and pain and reinforces the body’s ability to heal itself. It supports and enhances all medical treatment, being used effectively by conventional doctors, complementary practitioners and especially by”everyday” people such as you and I.


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